Jure Lukek ( Slovenia -EU / victim of covert harassment

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Jure Lukek ( Slovenia -EU / victim of covert harassment

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 21, 2015 12:59 am

Hello everybody,

my name is Jure Lukek. I'm 33 years old, from Slovenia in south Europe.

I'm victim of covert harassment today. Maybe i'm even under use of electromagnetic energy weapons.
I'm waiting for police to responde on hacking in my computer.

I don't know who harasste me. I have hacking in computer and mobile, beams in my neck through night and some through day.
Beams in stomack, and legs-bottom part. Beside that on some days there come unussual smell in room from nowhere, like smell of some strange
substance, cemical. This substance make my face melting. I must open window to bread again and my eyes become spicy and wet. Like
tear gas. I'm hidden harrasted from someone from year 2012. Some furniture demage and electronic equoement demage has been
done by use of unknown devices, like laser, that beams - used by unknown attacker, covert harassment.

I'm afraid for my body, because this guy doesn't stop. Even more, now because i couldn't act appropriate against him till now, because i
don't know who he is and from where he is attacking me, he attakes me even more and more agressive. I don't know what he wants!
Bur in 3 years i think he wants me to get nuts and go in mental hospital, or make suecide because of his harassment witch is hidden or
even something more...

Is anybody else with that kond of story of covert harassment???

If you can maybe help or advice, please write to me.

Jure Lukek


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